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Sniffer Technologies

The complete Sniffer Technologies product line include products in 7 categories.
  • Sniffer Distributed - to be deployed across the entire enterprise.
  • Sniffer Portable - provides quick resolution of network performance issues.
  • Sniffer Wireless - is the industry-first Wireless LAN management tool.
  • Sniffer Optical - solution for fiber optic-based networks and transmission equipment.
  • Sniffer Reporting - easy-to-generate reports to quickly display key network statistics.
  • Sniffer Voice - VoIP expert analysis and decoding provides voice network personnel.
  • Sniffer Pulse - provides true end-to-end Web performance monitoring and alerting.

  • VERSO's Telemate VERSO's Telemate network intelligence products transform your network into a valuable knowledge base, helping you improve productivity, optimize resources, enhance security and control and allocate costs.

    Zero Administration Client (ZAC) 2001 provides enterprise hardware & software inventory discovery, asset tracking, and integrated remote control to support your on-going effort to reduce the cost of desktop support and overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

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    NetScout's nGenius solution can help with unprecedented challenges caused by complex network infrastructures demanding high availability and performance by a real-time performance management system.

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    Concord's eHealth Suite manages the internet infrastructure - networks, systems, and applications - to detect and resolve faults and potential outages, maximize availability, and optimize realtime.

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