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Over the last 10 years, TLIC Worldwide has helped over 1,000 companies throughout the USA manage their maintenance renewals, software licensing, hardware solutions and offers its customers expert assistance via a professionally staffed HelpDesk, remote login problem resolution, on-site technical support, and application expertise including installs, upgrades, and application development.

Maintenance Renewals & Licensing ("Smart"):

"Smart" (Software Maintenance Automated Renewal Tracking) is an online application that automates, tracks and helps companies stay current on all their outstanding maintenance renewals and software licensing. Please ask to see a demonstration of this comprehensive license management application.

Volume Licensing & Pricing:

We offer volume-licensing programs from Microsoft, McAfee, Symantec, Computer Associates, and almost every major software vendor. Our expertise and certifications with major vendors allows us to offer you both the lowest prices and most qualified network engineers in the industry.

Network Management:

If you have a problem or need assistance with anything computer or network related, you want to resolve this issue in the fastest and least expensive way possible. We offer our customers a 7X24 hour HelpDesk that historically resolves 70% of all calls without having to log into your network remotely or dispatch and engineer.

10% of all HelpDesk calls are resolved by allowing our engineers to login to the trouble device (desktop, server or network device) and fix the problem remotely. Only 20% of all our customer's problems require us to dispatch an on-site engineer who can arrive on-site often in up to two hours after a dispatch request has been made.
Services & Solutions:

Please visit our page for a full description off many of our services and solutions including installs, upgrades and custom programming and development of web applications, back-office applications including all Microsoft server applications, Dymanics and MS-SQL.

Contact Us:

TLIC Worldwide, Inc.
400 South County Trail, A-208
Exeter, RI 02822 USA
P: 401-295-2244 F: 401-295-2242
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