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SmartCare Yearly Maintenance
When you factor in yearly maintenance and the labor involved in getting renewal bids on each and every maintenance policy your company holds, the total cost of ownership of computing hardware or software is often ten times the price of purchasing the product.
Automating Maintenance
At TLIC Worldwide we specialize first and foremost in automating and streamlining all your hardware and software maintenance agreements. How much time to you spend each year with vendors and resellers getting bids for your maintenance contracts including:
  • Antivirus, Antispam, Antispyware
  • Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention and Content Mgt.
  • Backup Systems, Archiving & Storage, Continuity and DR systems.
  • Servers, Routers, Hubs and Switches
  • And many more….
Finance, Budget, Forecast, Tracking
Our programs are very simple. We can quote you on one, two or three years worth of maintenance renewals and then offer you “pay as you go” or monthly financing of all your maintenance agreements for two or three years. With SmartCare you can budget, forecast, automate and track all your hardware and software renewals from hundreds of vendors with just one solution provider - TLIC Worldwide.

The process is quite simple. We will send you pricing on all the maintenance plans you request. Once approved they are loaded into our SMART system that will send you reminders of what maintenance is due 90 days prior to expiration and if financed with SmartPay by Microsoft, you do nothing. An account manager will follow-up before the maintenance renewal is processed to see if any changes are required. Otherwise, we will process your renewal with the appropriate vendor and SMART will email you notification the renewal has been process and include any applicable vendor information such as license grants and other maintenance information.If you choose to not pay monthly, our process is still quite as simple.
Automated & Personal Notifications
You will be notified 90 days prior to the renewal. SMART will also send you an invoice via email and your TLIC account manager will follow-up to see if you need any changes made before the maintenance is renewed. You submit the invoice for payment and we process your maintenance renewal upon receipt of payment. It’s that simple.
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