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TLIC & 7 LayerIQ McAfee Training (Graphic)

In addition to providing you a variety of products and services we also provide online training for many of your software solutions.

For example, did you know that ePO 4.0 was released on October 1st 2007? As one of McAfee largest resellers we know that not only is ePO one of the most powerful network management tools available to network administrators but it is also often complex and time consuming to learn. That is why we have teamed up with “7 Layer IQ” the leader in McAfee online product training. With 7Layer we are currently offering you a variety of ePO services including an ePO Free 1 Hour Consultation –

Does your ePO system need some help to become the fully-functioning security tool you expected it to be when first deployed? We believe we can help, either by providing consulting to solve your problems or by providing training so you can solve them. Please download our ePO Tuning & optimization – pdf to learn more about how to get the most from your ePO installation, or visit our web site at for access to more information on ePO tuning.

And before you renew your current McAfee maintenance, please read more about our $1,500 12 month ePO training passs at You can sign-up for a 12 month pass now, take time learning ePO 3.6 and then when you are ready to upgrade to ePO 4.0, you will have free and unlimited access to all 7 Layer’s ePO 4.0 online training and tutorials.
Other Helpful Links:
  1. ePO 12 Month Pass: Get access to all our ePO Curriculum (epo 3.6 Essentials, 3.6 Advanced, 4.0 Essentials, 4.0 Advanced, and 4.0 Migration)
  2. ePO Tuning & Optimization: 1-on1 with 7LayerIQ ePO Expert and your ePO Administrator ($900 Half Day / $1800 Full Day)
  3. ePO Tuning PDF –
  4. ePO Tuning & optimization –
  5. ePO 12 Month Pass –
  6. ePO Free 1 Hour Consultation –
To review upcoming classes, agendas, and the master schedule, please go to: ePO Training and select a class to register. Or you may select the ePO 12-Month Pass button to take advantage of having 12 months of access to all live classes, plus on-demand recordings of previous classes.

We encourage you to go to What Customers Are Saying to view some recent feedback. We're confident you’ll agree.

Here’s an easy, entertaining way to see how your ePO skills rate. We invite you to take a short, On-line ePO IQ Test and see how good you really are. Following the quiz is a special sneak-peak of ePO 4.0 prepared by our Senior ePO Engineer, John Malczewski.

If you find you need to brush up on your ePO skills before the new release, consider some of the choices you have:
ePO 3.6 Essentials Training – 5 hour, live, online class taught over 2 days
ePO 3.6 Advanced Training – 5 hour, live, online class taught over 2 days
ePO 4.0 Essentials Training – 9 hour, live, online class taught over 3 days
ePO 4.0 Advanced Training – 9 hour, live, online class taught over 3 days
Migration to ePO 4.0 Training – 6 hour, live, online class taught over 2 days

Unlimited access to all of the above topics and classes may be obtained by subscribing to a 12-Month ePO Pass.

Please view our Master Schedule of all upcoming ePO Classes.

If you would like more information on project-based or hourly-rate assistance for the ePO 4.0 upgrade, please Request a One-Hour Consult.

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