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NAI CyberCop
Intrusion Protection Suite

The CyberCop Intrusion Protection Suite is a collection of integrated security tools developed to provide network risk assessment scanning, Intrusion monitoring, decoy services and custom audit research tools to enhance the security and survivability of enterprise networks and systems. The suite is also enhanced by the development of technology and research derived from PGP Security extensive product line, and includes features such as AutoUpdate, modular construction, and "Active Security" integration to provide extensive product integrity

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ISS RealSecure

RealSecure is the industry's first integrated network- and host-based intrusion detection and response system. This maximum level of around-the-clock surveillance extends unobtrusively across the enterprise, allowing administrators to automatically monitor network traffic and host logs, detect and respond to suspicious activity, and intercept and respond to internal or external host and network abuse before systems are compromised.

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Dynamic Network Intrusion Detection that reacts in real-time to instantly terminate network assaults by internal saboteurs and external hackers. AXENT independent professional services subsidiary, SNCi, and partner resellers who are authorized to sell NetProwler can go on-site, assess, design and roll out NetProwler, provide training, customize attack signatures and provide additional consultation.

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Kane Security Monitor
Kane Security Monitor is a 24-hour intrusion detection system that provides sophisticated security monitoring for Windows NT system. The KSM for NT systems is analogous to a burglar alarm system that automatically reports when break-ins occur. KSM provides an Enterprise-wide centralized collection facility for event logs otherwise stored separately on each machine, and the Automated review of event logs for abuse patterns such as unauthorized activities and suspicious behavior by both outside hackers and inside authorized users.

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Distributed CyberCop Scanner 2.0

Distributed CyberCop Scanner is the industry's first vulnerability assessment tool that can be remotely installed on multiple geographically dispersed networks and managed from a central location.

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